A simple, holistic, common sense route to profitability and sustainability.


We will teach your team how to transact more directly and transparently so that your profitable customers understand you better and feel more comfortable doing repeat business with you.

We have a CAN DO approach not a could ,would, should approach.


Have you tested out your target market before launching?

Before launching, or if your product or service is untried in a new target channel, why not carry out a “Test Sell” exercise with Transaction Focus.

This is a key element of Transaction Marketing™ and a key function of our Transaction Audit ™ process.

If you know exactly what obstacles to expect, you will be more successful.

Test Selling rigorously on a small scale will save you significant money and time.

It will also enable you to accurately forecast what sales and marketing resources you will require over what period of time.

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A commercial transaction is of little value to you or your stakeholders if you are not making a healthy profit.

We analyse your existing customers and assess their profitable value to your business.

We will even help you renegotiate unprofitable business terms.

We set transaction parameters to ensure that you satisfy your clients profitably and so that your business relationships are ongoing and sustainable.

We can measure your performance with a Transaction Audit™.

The heady days of high budget TV campaigns are long gone. Marketing Directors have less mystique and are increasingly accountable for sales; Wily Sales Directors and Sales Managers are now marketing savvy and a new breed of e-marketing gurus are born who track campaign ROI (Return on Investment) online.

Online and offline sales are compared and are measured in parallel. 
Transaction Marketing is the science of ensuring that every sales and marketing dollar contributes to securing a sales transaction. 

Like never before, sales and marketing are integrated or joined up disciplines.
Some call this Joined up Sales and Marketing.
In every case, sales and marketing teams should no longer be autonomous, competitive and non-collaborative. They should be intertwined, working together as one function or entity. 
If culturally this is difficult to achieve, companies can choose to hire change managers or strategically focussed outsourced sales and marketing professionals to show how it is done.

Sales outsourcing is a growth industry.

In leaner times of economic downturn, the concept of Transaction Marketing is pertinent and prevalent, as Financial Directors have more influence in the board room. 

The acquisition of profitable customers becomes increasingly critical to any sales and marketing driven organisation.
The cost of transacting, the average order transaction value (AOTV) and CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) are key KPI criteria.

Financial people are increasingly transaction focussed and occasionally conduct Transaction Audits.

Test marketing and Test selling of products on a small scale in new markets or new channels is becoming increasingly important. Test Selling is a vital component of Transaction Marketing and is appreciated by most Financial Directors for the simple reason that it is a controlled, measureable and CLV and transaction focussed.

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WE is an important element in Transaction Marketing.

Are your sales, marketing, finance, production and customer service teams working as ONE ?

We focus on pulling teams together to get measurable results.

Client and Business Developer (The Transaction Focus Team) need to work as a team to bring everyone together by using the word “WE” as often as possible to avoid the “them” and “us” scenario.

You are always our client and Transaction Focus are the ones who have to jump through the hoops first.