Much of Transaction Focus’ sales and marketing activity is telephone led.

In the digital age of permission based marketing, the inspirational art of telephone marketing still has a clearly defined role in the marketing mix.

We still believe that the best way to initially contact a company is by using the telephone.

Some products can still be sold on the basis of a great telephone call, as long as you have strong marketing collateral (or simply a good website)….but most importantly, energetic, marketing savvy, polite telemarketing people, who really know how to sell.

We take care to recruit the right team who reflect and enhance your brand values.

Transaction Focus give you a choice of English speaking or multilingual contact centres throughout Europe and North America.

We are also test selling experts. We test sell products using highly experienced home based telephone marketers, who can also double as appointment makers or telemarketing researchers.

Like the rest of our sales and marketing services, our approach to telemarketing is firmly ROI and quality focussed.

We also provide you with pertinent market feedback and practical marketing ideas that will help improve the sales and marketing process.

If you telephone us, we can also advise you about telephone sales training.

Do you have the telemarketing team in house, who are sufficiently skilled, experienced and competent to engage the interest and sell solutions to senior directors in major organisations ?

Rich, qualified GDPR data is also critically important. Read more : Gdpr Focus