We take an active role in selling your product or service.

Only by selling your product ourselves can we fully understand your marketing requirements.

We then help you refine your marketing strategy in order to sustain strong growth.


The competitive business environment is constantly evolving. We all need to hire the sharpest business tools of today. We may only need them for one day……to even reshape or discard them.

We help you keep your core team lean and keen.

If you need more specialist help in any business discipline including sales and marketing, we (together with you) will help you source the right solution for the right price. We can also outsource and manage this process if required

We know our limitations and are keen to outsource and manage if required.


If you have limited budget, we will work for you for just one day every 3 months as long as you pay us on time as this is one of the single most important aspects of Transaction Marketing.

There is no more cost effective way to start. Try us out and then build your own team around us or in parallel. We are not in the business of making ourselves indispensable.


Lead generation – Our telesales or field marketing teams can secure appointments and focus your existing sales team activity to maximise their effectiveness and increase revenue.

Telesales – We will provide a specially selected team of telesales executives with a knowledge of your industry sector to approach new leads and/or your existing client base. The teams will be fully briefed and directed to achieve maximum sales results.

Field Sales and Marketing – The Transaction Focus team of field sales and marketing executives are highly skilled in working in specific industry sectors, to not only help you increase your coverage, but also to make sure your product or service is highly visible at store level or top of mind.

Test Marketing – Whether you have a new product to launch, a new sales channel or another market you want to tap into, Transaction Focus will undertake Test Marketing so that you will have reliable real life results from which to make your business decisions. 
Transaction Focus’s Test Marketing Model including fully integrated sales and marketing support has been specially developed for the Venture Capitalist sector.

Interim Sales Directors, Managers and Executives – With an extensive network of sales professionals, Transaction Focus is able to supply highly skilled marketing professionals to help you build a team, extend your team or merely work as a stop gap whilst hiring. 

Transaction Marketing – This is a core skill of Transaction Focus, we look at the whole sales process and develop practical marketing support to help the sales team deliver the greatest return. Our team of marketing professionals can provide brand development, sales promotion, advertising, direct mail, SEO and PR support as required. 

Transaction Audit –  A comprehensive check on every aspect of your sales and marketing that has an impact on your profitability. The audit will cover the cost of acquiring customers, marketing spend effectiveness, brand health metrics and customer satisfaction analysis.

International – Whether you are a UK company wanting to expand into Europe or an International Company wanting to launch or expand into Europe, Transaction Focus can help you with brand, distribution, sales and marketing development and implementation. Providing a cost effective, senior professional team to either test market or aid your smooth transition into the new markets, developing sales channels and increasing your bottom line.

We view sales and marketing as intertwined disciplines. We work with SME‘s (Small Medium Enterprises) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.