Inspiring bilingual telemarketers

Bilingual (French / English) diligent telemarketers needed to target high growth companies in all sectors

Please call +44 (0) 207 127 8070 to hear more


Are you starting out in Business and want some creative brainstorming to help kick start your business?

Do you have a new opportunity to expand your business ?

Have you got an opportunity which needs support or financing ?

Perhaps we can make your opportunity a reality with Transaction Focus.

We are always happy to talk to creative Sales and Marketing professionals who are keen to work with us on a part or full time basis. Please call +44 (0) 207 127 8070 or email


All the products Transaction Focus sells on behalf of our clients have Unique, compelling USPs and USBs.
We will always support you to the hilt, but only if you demonstrate a serious consistent level of professionalism and “real fight”.
We enjoy working with people who are extremely positive and who can light up a room.
You might even enjoy living on the edge.

Inspiring bilingual telemarketers

Bilingual diligent telemarketers needed to target high growth companies to introduce them toEU funded Export programmes. You will need to build a rapid rapport with MDOs and CEOs

Please call 01460 259 861 to hear more

Medical Inside and Outside Sales professionals

We are beginning to build a client base for TFocus Health and therefore need to find energetic, passionate experience sales persons

B2B SSaaS (Software Sales as a Service) pros needed in Australia and New Zealand and in MENA regions.