Manage remote teams with mobile workforce management for more efficiency

Transaction Focus’ core business is running sales and marketing teams remotely…while they are on the move.

Some of our associates have been practising Mobile Workforce Management for 20 years for major names like BAT, Coca-Cola, Nokia, Orange; whether it is managing copywriters, illustrators or art directors or running promotion teams, merchandisers, mystery shoppers or research teams, the same rigorous planning and reporting principles still apply.

Transaction Multimedia, our sister company, run remote teams day and night across the world.

Increasingly, more and more employees, interims or freelancers are working from home…

Some companies will realise that this is often a more efficient way of working.

It is far more cost effective for Field sales people, for example, to maximise their face to face selling time by working from home and only visiting the sales office once a week. Read more about this on our sales optimisation page. Travel Time and Fuel and office unit cost savings are significant. Team member wellbeing is enhanced and staff or freelancers often feel more self –accountable, motivated and empowered.

By following mobile workforce management principles, we can be leaner, meaner, greener and keener…

Try out our test selling and test marketing modules and find out for yourself..

At Transaction Focus, we meet up and have a meal and communicate more naturally either side of structured agendas, briefings, de-briefings and idea sharings. We are team focused and try to get away from hierarchical structures.

Transaction Focus was one of the first companies to operate home-based telemarketing on a significant scale across Europe. Calls can be tracked and monitored from our contact centre bases.

Results from home-based telemarketers are often better.

By using Sales Force Automation and management softwares and operation efficiency tools, such as iTMS and GPS tracking systems, there is no need for paper reporting and less need for briefing and de-briefing…although face to face team time is very important.

Mobile Workforce Management is now practised in the cleaning and security industries.

Get quick, instant mobile workforce feedback after every job with QR code or short link connection. Check out new Intel technology to enable smarter collaboration :


Enable your office team to work from home and your remote teams to be more secure and connected.

DaaS helps to make this happen :