Transaction Focus have been practising lead nurturing for years.

For us, lead nurturing is the “gel” that keeps suspects and prospects engaged through the closed loop CRM sales process and beyond.

Lead nurturers need soft, intelligent sales and marketing skills and a very acute sense of customer service. Comparatively few sales and marketing have the intuitive rounded skills needed to engage and inspire clients through the sales cycle.

In our view, before even embarking on an impactful Strategic Selling campaign, data and lead acquisition and a lead nurturing process should be defined and implemented as an integral part of the business development process.

Successful Business Development relies increasingly upon lead nurturing that is a key part of lead generation.

Transaction Focus are skilled at the process of building relationships with qualified prospects whether they are intending to purchase in the short, medium or long term.. Most purchased leads are not yet sales ready, so nurturing those leads (communicating with suspects and prospects with the relevant message via the appropriate set of mediums at the right time) while they are in the pipeline and funnel will help sales optimisation.

The Transaction Focus team have also discovered that well nurtured leads that become customers are more likely to be loyal and will more willingly recommend and refer your products and services to new customers…as they have had several positive touch points with your brand before and after purchase.

This is why lead nurturing is increasingly critical for improving sales performance.