Transaction Focus team up with Deal Science

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Lead Generation is increasingly critical for the successful implementation of Business Development plans. Purchasing of quality data of potential profitable customers is key.

Using poor quality data for strategic selling amounts to the same thing as using poor quality base ingredients for cooking.

Even Jamie Oliver cannot produce a wonderfully delicious meal without fresh,well sourced ingredients. Likewise, even if the standard of sales and marketing implementation is exceptionally high, significant sales growth or business development will not result, if the base data is of poor quality. During a campaign, quality data should ideally be mined or purchased

Prior to purchase, sales organisations should have a clear idea about who are their most profitable customers.

Transaction Focus can undertake a profile and segmentation study for you. Our Transaction Marketing approach really Works.

Lead Generation is an ongoing process, as fresh data and leads continuously need to be fed into the sales pipeline so that the lead nurturing process is effective.

A healthy lead generation and lead nurturing strategy enables you to change conversations from,

“I’ve never heard of you,” to “I’m a part of your online community”.

Working with Transaction Focus enables you to align your sales and marketing strategy and also equips you with

the most appropriate sales and marketing tools tailored to your business, so you can succeed.