Export Sales

Setting up effective sales and marketing operations in new countries and new markets no longer needs to be costly and time consuming.

Significant investment in offices, staff and other operational expenses is not always necessary.

Success feasibility and establishing a bridgehead.

Transaction Focus can test sell and test market your products and services in new markets and countries cost effectively and determine very quickly whether there is strong growth potential for your brand in these new target markets or not.

We often are also be able to generate sales revenue rapidly in order to help finance your expansion plans.

Our test selling and test marketing programmes are designed to enable your management to focus on the critical elements of the business that generate revenue and ROI and in turn reduce overheads.

Sales Team Set up – We function as your local Sales office hub

Transaction Focus (alongside our clients) can set up and manage hand-picked creative, sector experienced sales and marketing professionals (who carry your brand’s name card) on a flexible basis to generate sales revenue.

We know how to get the best results out of local teams and adapt our strategies to fit the diverse cultural and economic demands of each country or market.

With Transaction Focus, you will no longer need to set up your own office in every new country or market. If a local office is necessary to support customers, Transaction Focus can either provide office space and business support in the optimum location or / and generate sales revenue to increase the chances that you have a profitable trading operation from day one.

We do all the hard leg work to get you up and going.

Our 360 degree CRM loop methodology tracks your success metrics, so that together we can continuously fine tune and improve your sales and marketing machine.

Other Export facilitators simply provide research, market entry guidance and local partner introduction. Transaction Focus goes several steps further.

We sign orders with profitable long term customers. We service and nurture these customers.

We create and improve your sales and marketing processes and make sure that your sales pipeline is full and replenished.

Transaction Focus will help you achieve sustainable growth in new target markets.

Why limit your sales efforts simply to the UK market ?

With the correct Channel Focus you can generate profitable sales in overseas markets.

There is no faster way to increase your turnover.

If you have time, we can manage this process for you as many of our executives have experience in international markets.

Explore Export Nottingham Event – November 2015

Charles Smee and Pierre Richard at brand and export development workshop with Moroccan food producers in Casablanca.


Open up and exploit new channels that you never believed you could exploit.

Are you maximising your sales and brand potential through every possible channel ?

Are you unlocking alliance opportunities ?

Is your brand alive and healthy at every available customer touch point ?

Do you have cross-channel brand consistency so that every marketing pound works that much harder ?

International SEO Programme

Transaction Focus launches a campaign with SYITC to help UK companies grow overseas.


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Transaction Focus have sales and marketing representatives in :

Albania, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Macedonia, Malaysia, Morocco, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Vietnam…

Export sales : Sales development in overseas markets