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Who’s afraid of Change?

Who’s afraid of Change? Answer: People are OK, so when there’s a leadership discussion on changes in a company, they consider the impact on people, right, it’s obvious?  Errm…maybe.   (...)

The EDEM Scorecard ®

If you Google “people problems in m&a” then the response will be Communication, Employee Retention and Cultural Differences.  And to quote Deborah Pikula (Queens University) “knowing the differences in the (...)

TRUEDIL    #TRUEDIL1 TRUE DIL is short for True Diligence and can also be pronounced “True Deal”. In Urdu, it means “from the heart”. In short, our True Diligence programme (...)

True Diligence : Assessing Reputation

Reputation is everywhere. Whether good, bad or indifferent, every business has a reputation and an initial glance doesn’t always reveal what lies beneath the surface. It’s easy to form a (...)


CREATING A NATURAL SUSTAINABLE GROWTH ENGINE IS LIKE CREATING AND NURTURING AN ECO-SYSTEM The natural progressive biodiverse environment required for longevity A “Natural Sustainable business growth” land is a far (...)