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Holistic Therapy Day

What are you doing to boost Return on Energy (ROE) within your business? If you are not currently focusing on this, perhaps Holistic Therapy Day is the day to start (...)


If you could press restart on any aspect of your life or business, what would you choose to do differently? Today, 21st June is your opportunity to pause and get (...)

The Disciplined Art of Meditation

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out Why is it harder to think about nothing than it is to think about something? Tibetan monks have for centuries practised the (...)

May Day

MAY DAY! Today we welcome a new season, the coming of spring! The 1st May heralds a series of festivals and celebrations throughout history worldwide. It is a day that (...)

Prince Philip

On her 95th birthday this week, Queen Elizabeth thanked the public for their support and emphasised the extraordinary impact her late husband had on countless people. Prince Philip, Duke of (...)

A Gift from Mother Nature !

As a dual citizen of the Pearl of Africa (Uganda) and lush green Ireland, I am naturally in touch with nature, despite living in London. Seaspiracy created quite a noise (...)


With Covid, is your organisation re-assessing the risk of growing global and preparing for the next Black Swan Event? Are you diversifying or relying a little less on your domestic (...)

What Next ?

HOW DIFFICULT IS IT TO ACHIEVE TRUE CONTINUITY ? It feels strange celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day with Coronavirus wreaking havoc, only 12 years after the 2008 financial (...)