Sales and Marketing concepts need testing prior to launch to ensure that they reap the rewards that business owners and shareholders expect.

Pre-launch testing might apply to a new product launch, an entry into a new country, territory, market, or channel or just to test customer reaction to a small product change or new brand variant.

It often helps to work with a specialist test selling or test marketing agency who proactively seek to generate revenue while testing a product’s sales and marketing potential.

Transaction Focus inherently believes that “real, tangible, meaningful” market research results are best achieved with a well planned live test selling campaign.

If sales revenue is not generated during the test phase of a programme, an opportunity is missed.

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Rather than taking the plunge to recruit sales persons, which is often an expensive, time consuming and a risky undertaking, why not simply recruit Transaction Focus to conduct a pre-launch TEST SELLING programme.

You will learn more about your product and competitors by actually trying to sell it directly in a TEST SELL scenario. 
You will quickly understand what potential barriers to success exist and you can then fine tune your offer accordingly before launching. 

We advise clients to TEST SELL new products before even preparing a cash flow forecast.