We have been working with the European Union, IBM and Kimberly-Clark and several SMEs in 20 different languages

Please try our real time language service.

Telephone interpreting is available for any language

Within 1 hour

Please call +44 (0) 207 127 8070


Multilingual Sales :

Rapid International sales

Transaction Focus can facilitate market research or sell into overseas markets.

We can save you time and considerable expense in research, reconnaissance trips, trade missions, by talking directly to your target prospect clients or resellers on the telephone in their own language.

We can pre-qualify, research, pre-sell, communicate offers, sell or close deals on your behalf.

Transaction Focus sources, recruits, trains, manages and motivates tailor made , multilingual, native language speaking telephone and Field Sales and Marketing across Europe, the Middle East and Africa and further afield.

These success focused teams work "as one" alongside your own sales and marketing teams.