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Loire Valley Bike Ride 2014
French ride - October 2014

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Belgium Bike Ride 2012
Belgian ride on 7-9 June 2012 from Bruges to Brussells Spa via the Ardennes

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Congratulations Harry Greene for raising over £10,000 for your Mum's cause by running the London Marathon in under 4 hours

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Our funds for research are paying dividends...

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The Sarah Greene Breakthrough Tribute Fund has raised more than any other Breast Cancer tribute fund.

Breast Cancer Now invited us to tour the clinic on 31st January.


Discover the Ruta Costa Verde Tour, Bilbao to Santander, Spain, Oct 2016 :

We have already raised £1 million from our previous three rides to Paris in 2008, across Ireland in 2010 and from Bruges to Spa, Belgium in 2012, Chateaux de la Loire 2014 and have so far funded two researchers.

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£10 a month

over a year could buy 2,000 microscope slides, enabling our scientists to examine tumours removed during breast surgery so that new treatments can be developed.

£20 a month

over a year could buy 10 specialised plastic flasks need to group and study triple negative breast cancer cells, helping them to understand how the cancer cells work.

£30 a month

over a year could buy all the chemicals and equipment needed to purify DNA from 7 tumours removed from patients during breast surgery, helping them to develop new treatments.

Your contribution WILL make a difference! Help us SAVE LIVES! THANK YOU.

Sarah Greene Breakthrough Tribute Fund operates under the banner of Breakthrough Breast Cancer and uses its charity number as follows:

© Breakthrough Breast Cancer is a charity registered in England & Wales (No. 1062636) & Scotland (No. SC039058).

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